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Tip #12: Get a sewing kit

Get a sewing kit and learn how to use it. Next time you rip the leg of your pants or the arm of your shirt, simply use the sewing kit to fix it, rather than buying an entirely new article of clothing.

Tip #13: Learn how to do basic home repairs

Learning how to do basic home repairs can save you a lot of money. Instead of calling a plumber or a carpenter, you can simply do the repairs yourself, saving you money and possibly also saving you the time it would take to negotiate the repairs.

Tip #14: Limit spending on expensive toys

As a parent, it is your natural inclination to do what you believe is best for your child (and, sometimes, to simply spoil them). But when it comes to toys, more (and more expensive) is not always better. So, before you sink hundreds into the most fashionable toys, think twice about whether or not your kid might be better served by something less expensive.

Tip #15: Go to the movies less 

Instead of going to the movies all the time, stay home and rent a movie through your cable television service and procure your own snacks. Instead of spending $30-50, you’ll spend a mere $10.

Tip #16: Substitute expensive food for cheaper foods

Instead of dropping $200 per week on groceries, think hard about which items are luxuries and which items are actually important components of your weekly menu. Eliminate expensive items in favor of cheaper ones.

Tip #17: Buy store-brand products

Store brand products are cheaper and frequently identical to name brand items. So, instead of immediately paying premium for the name brand product, consider at least trying the store brand once.

Tip #18: Use the slower shipping option

When it comes to making online purchases, it is often tempting to opt for the fastest shipping. From now on, practice delayed gratification and opt for the slower, cheaper shipping option.

Tip #19: Buy gifts far in advance

Many people wait until the last moment to buy gifts. As a result, they end up spending a lot of money the day or night before the event simply to get something nice. Instead of doing this, allow yourself weeks or months to pick up the product. Instead of rushing around the night before, you may stumble over it in a sale in the weeks leading up to the event.

Tip #20: Make your own gifts

Candles, jewelry, and mix CDs can often make excellent, highly personalized gifts. Instead of purchasing a gift at the store, consider making one for your friend or family member.

Tip #21: Take public transportation

Public transportation is often cheaper than owning, maintaining, and paying for gas for a car. Consider selling your car and making the switch.

Tip #22: Walk more

Instead of driving your car small distances to the store and post office, consider walking to those places instead. Not only is it good for you, but it will save you money on gas and wear-and-tear.


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