How Much Money Could I Make?

Honestly this is an digital business with little to no restrictions your earning solely depend on you and you’re expertise, we’re here to provide guidance and resources to help propel you to financial prosperity.

What to do when someone joins Instabank50?

When someone pays $50 to join under you, first thing you should do is send them the welcome message.

What Does The Welcome Message Look Like?

You should send this message to everyone that joins your Instabank50 business.

Subject Line: Thank You for your Instabank50 purchase

Message Body: 

Welcome to R1Delite thank you for you purchasing our product instabank50 and becoming an affiliate. Below is your member’s back office access also an link for affiliate login.

(Member’s Back Office Access)

Pass: Accessgranted#888

Affiliate Link:

Your Partner In Success,

How To Get A Branded Instabank50 Elite Page?

Notice how you have an affiliate link which is a little longer than the usual link and may look a little unprofessional. Your branded site will include your own picture and direct payment link. Click Here to see an example!

The Branded site is $35 one time fee please click the button below to be redirected to the payment page.

How To Get My Own .Com? is an great way to purchase a new domain name and have your new domain name forwarded to your Instabank50 Elite Link. Click Here to purchase a domain name through Go Daddy

How To Create PayPal Button?


If You’ve Upgraded To Instabank50 Elite You’l Need To Create An PayPal Button For Your Individual Instabank50 Elite Page. Below Are Steps To Create Your Button.

Step 1: Follow What you see in the image below

Step 2: Leave Everything As it is on this step


Step 3: Copy What You See in this image below

After this step click the save button then copy the e-mail code and send to R1Delite Leader On Watch video to see e-mail code.



How To Get My Own Business Number?



















A business number is important because it takes the place of your personal number it also puts you in the eyes of a professional business owner. You can register for an new business number for 30 days free with Evoice and forward all calls to your personal number. Your business number would be perfect for flyer, newspaper, business card, & poster marketing. Click Here to get your new business number.






































How To Upload Custom Voicemail To Evoice?

Below is an Pre-recorded company voicemail to upload in Evoice, You can record your own voicemail or use the one provided by us.

Download Greeting Message —>  R1D Elite Greeting

How To Setup My Aweber?

AWeber is an email marketing service provider with over 100,000 small business clients world wide. Regardless of industry or business size, AWeber helps our customers keep in touch with with their subscribers, all while upholding email marketing best practices. This is great for online business Click here to create your AWeber account




































How To Load Messages Into My Autoresponder?

You have 2 options if you’re looking to upload messages into an auto responder. You can choose Aweber or Please take a look at both to see what best suits you. There is an aweber walk-through video below to follow or you can skit to How To Get My Capture in the FAQ section to view Mycapturepage walk-through video.





























What Is The R1D Shop For?

The shop can be used for 2 main reasons, #1 is to keep your knowledge base updated with what’s current in the business world. #2 you can resell these products for more profit 100% commissions paid directly to you which is super amazing.

How To Get My Capture Page?

A great looking capture page is a MUST in today’s market place. If you’re using a company site, you’ll notice that they’ll advertise the company name on the site which means they don’t have to opt-in (if they even offer a capture page)to find out what company you’re promoting the site and they won’t let you MASK the domain to hide the company name. This means YOU WON’T KNOW when they’ve visited your site and many will search online for more information. In many cases this means they find “Leaders” with deep pockets that will promote themselves on pay per click advertising for the very purpose of recruiting prospects that are “Looking around”. This means YOU’RE LOSING SALES!

R1D Capture Page system gives you a way to generate leads and follow up with them automatically. CLICK HERE to setup your capture page

How To Get My Follow Up Messages?

Having auto responder messages for your auto responder is very important this will automatically inform your subscribers on your business and products without you manually doing so, which could be very time consuming. Below is an zip file containing 8 follow up messages for your auto responder as we promised.

Download auto responder messages—> Instabank50 Elite email swipe

Need Messages Uploaded For You?

Our Support Team Can Upload These Messages For $20 One Time Fee
































How To Market On Social Media?

Postcard & Flyer Marketing?

I Haven't Made A Sale What AM I Doing Wrong?

THIS IS NOT A GET-RICH-QUICK SCHEME – in fact, it’s not a ‘scheme’ at all. It’s a set of plans requiring time and effort to implement. Nothing happens by itself; We can and do provide you the plans, but you must put in the work make the effort. If you do, we can promise you’ll see the same results that we see. And now, the ball is in your court!













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