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These E-Mail swipes are geared to help you market your business on auto-pilot and stuff cash into your account while you're sleeping or taking the time out to enjoy your life.

1.) Hi There! Welcome to (Instabank50 Deluxe)... 

If you're new to internet marketing, then you're in luck. I'm about to share with you the absolute hottest strategy for sucking in life-enhancing income fast. Over the next (span of days... you're gonna develop a crystal clear understanding of what it takes to truly succeed in this business.

And hey, even if you're a seasoned IM veteran, I have no doubt that this powerful business is going to furnish you with more than your fair share of “a-ha” moments! ;)

2.) Big Fat Stacks of Cash Come In Small Packages!

The potential to make ongoing, totally passive income is what seduces many of us to internet marketing in the first place. And instabank50 Deluxe is truly one of the best ways to make it happen.

I'm talking about something known as a cash machine. This tiny little website which is tightly focused on a single niche, product type, and product line is helping newbies make $485-$970+ A Day.

3.) Struggling to Make Money? Not Anymore...

Okay, let's take a few deep breaths together. It's time to truly relax and look at this whole IM thing with a fresh perspective. Listen, it's so much easier than so many people make it. All you need is a good offer (Instabank50 Deluxe) It really doesn't need to be any more complex. Seriously.

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See, I told you it was simple!
We'll talk again soon,
(Your Name Here)

4.) [OPEN THIS] This Is the KING of Online Business!

Are you ready to step up to the plate like a big dog?

The truth is, the guys and gals who are making the most money online aren't necessarily those who are working the hardest... or even the smartest, for that matter.

They just happen to be willing to stick their necks out and actually provide some actual value to the marketplace. These, of course, are the product creators of the world.

With "instabank50 Deluxe" you become a king in the business market you create nothing we do it all for you and we keep the back office updated with vaule that will keep customers flying in. Go over my website and make a decision today. (Your Link Here)

5.) Open This Email... It Can Change Your Business and Life!

If you really want to make bank online, I highly recommend giving "instabank50 Deluxe a serious try.

For starters, you get to be the boss. You get to choose all the hours and pretty little structural elements of your new business.

You get to name it... and put YOUR name on it.
The pride of ownership you feel from having your own info product is incredible. It's something that I wish everyone could feel at least once... 

And when your product begins selling, the high you get from it is beyond words. Just knowing that a perfect stranger just gave you his or her money and is now reading or watching something that came straight from your brand... man, it's awesome. Alright, that's all from me, my friend.

I really hope you decide to take this seriously and go for it 100%.
We'll rap again soon.
Until then,
(Your Name)

6.) Here's a Business You Maybe Didn't Think Of!

Here's a business model that not many people are aware of... Private Label Rights.
Commonly referred to simply as PLR, this is essentially content that you write (or have written) and then sell to the masses so that they can use it on their blogs, sites, emails, or whatever.In reality, PLR is the perfect combination of a service and a product.

More specifically, it's a cross between ghostwriting and info product creation. When you get "Instabank50 Deluxe it comes with all the benefits of both...

• It's easy to sell. People still need content... and PLR is cheap, in-demand content.

• You can build a buyers list with it.

• It's automated. Once it's been written, you don't need to write it again.

• You'll find it easy to earn repeat buyers.

• You can run upsells, specials, or whatever you want... without extra writing effort.

• Much more.
It really is the best of both worlds, and is a business model that is very much worthy of your consideration.

(Your Link Here)

7.) Make a Real Difference... and a TON of Money

It's extremely powerful, and it demands a premium rate of pay.
In the world of Internet marketing, quality coaches can earn upwards of $2000-$5000 per client for just one month of coaching.

Imagine having 20 of these clients at any given time! People like Alex Jeffreys, Sean Mize, and Lee McIntyre are doing just that.
And in many cases, these types of high-end coaches are earning healthy 7-figure annual incomes. How would an extra $150,000 per month enhance your life? ;) 

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What's really great is that instabank50 Deluxe have courses (not coaching programs that cost thousands... but products that cost just a few bucks) that can help you get your feet wet as an online coach.

From there, once you're earning a respectable 5-10k per month, you can scale up and begin performing some special consolidation and automation techniques to explode your income.

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